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Optimize Client Performance: The Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids in Fitness Coaching

This course provides fitness coaches with full comprehension of the beneficial role of essential fatty acids (EFAs) in health and athletic performance. This information, along with multiple practical strategies for integrating this knowledge into a successful fitness coaching practice, will improve client performance and retention, while providing coaches with continuing education credits.

After completing this course, Fitness Coaches will:
  • Know the truth about which fats to consume and which fats to avoid for optimal health and fitness
  • Understand how to include good fats and oils to improve body composition faster for every eating style or diet
  • Discern the difference between fats from food, foundational oils, and supplements
  • Confidently advise on which good fats and oils to add to diets to improve energy levels, post exercise recovery, and performance
  • Share quick, easy, tasty recipes so clients can incorporate essential fatty acids in their daily meals

Your clients will:
  • Never fear fat again. You’ll teach them which fats are essential, and how to consume them
  • Know how to effectively add essential fatty acids to any diet from Keto to Intermittent Fasting, and everything in between
  • Understand how to determine the right amount of β€œgood fats” for their personal needs and goals